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La Viet Coffee in Da lat

Friday, November 11, 2016

La Viet Coffee – real organic Vietnamese coffee

La Viet Coffee

I was recommended this coffee shop by friends and it’s been amazing.  This is the best place to start your journey to discover the real organic coffee, as well as coffee brewing methods.

La Viet Coffee will make you impressed when entering the shop.  I must say that it’s not only a nice coffee shop but also coffee factory in Da Lat., worth visiting  

 La viet coffee

A bit of coffee tree – La Viet Coffee

The shop is surrounded by Arabica coffee trees.  As Barista Khanh says, coffee has three main lines


Arabica – Café chè

Features of Arabica is low caffeine content, aromatic and sweet and sour taste characteristic. Arabica is used to extract and drink directly, no any added ingredients as sugar or milk.


Robusta – Cafe Vối

Robusta has a higher caffeine content of Arabica, bitterness and black. It should be mixed with milk or sugar to make into Café Sữa (iced coffee with milk) and Cafe Đen (black coffee) that’s typical of Vietnam and drinkers can enjoy in most Coffee shops


Liberica – Cafe Mít

 La viet coffee

Various coffee brew methods – La Viet Coffee

Most Vietnamese people only know there are two types: Cafe Sữa (milked coffee) và Cafe Đen (black coffee). For these types of coffee, “Phin” or filter is the main coffee tools used to prepare a cup.

In general,  Baristas are passionate about the coffee and very knowledgeable in La Viet coffee.  They use different coffee tools & equipment for various coffee brewing methods and this will also give different flavors.  let’s come and see now if you are in Da Lat,


Discovery La Viet Coffee Tour 1 day

La Viet Coffee tour aims to help visitors understand the origin of the coffee, the various methods of preparing coffee and learn how to taste coffee right way.  With this tour, visitor will learn how to select the best coffee beans and works like a local from farm to factory: picking coffee bean, cleaning and drying, then roasting and mores

Join La Viet Coffee tour now and make your own original coffee and take it home.

To book tour, please click here

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