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We will pick you up at your hotel and take a drive along the Mekong River flowing between the Laos and Thailand borders. We will pass the Friendship Bridge, which was built to link the two nations. 25km from the city, we reach Buddha Park.

Buddha Park

Situated 25 km south from Vientiane, Buddha Park has more than 200 Buddhist and Hindu Statues built by concrete especially the Buddhist Statue leaning on arm. Besides, there are many sculptures symbolising for Human, God, Animal and Demon. You can go inside the structure in the shape of a huge pumpkin and enter through an evil mouth nearly 3 meters high to discover 3 floors representing for Hell, Earth and Heaven. If you want to travel to Buddha Park in a small group, don’t hesitate to hire a tuk-tuk with very affordable price.

The remainder of the morning will be spent walking around this beautiful park, admiring the huge statues of Hindu and Buddhist gods.

After a lunch, we’ll visit That Luang Stupa.

Pha That Luang

Located at the end of Land Xang Street, That Luang is the world heritage, the symbol of Laos, which is printed on paper money and emblem of this country. That Luang, also known as Pha That Luang, is a gold-covered large Buddhist stupa which has been built since 1566 on the ruins of an Indian temple in the 13th century. It is known as the biggest and most important national monument in Laos. Every year in the middle of November,  local people organise a national event called That Luang Festival. The whole country looks forward to participating in this traditional festival. Many Laotians from all over the world come back to visit their families so make sure you will not miss this holiday!


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